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  Welcome to the home of AC's stories! 

Plunk yourself down, get a nice cup of your choice, and have a smile over a good read.  Feedback for AC?  Simply click on E-Mail to the left.  :-)
The Parises' Postpartum


Tom and B'Elanna's first weeks of parenthood, wrought from one mother's POV, their struggles and adjustments--not to mention those of some others on the crew.
Dreams A prequel to the Parises' Postpartum, B'Elanna, some months pregnant, is waking up at all hours with disturbing dreams, though Tom eventually gets her back to sleep.
Rated NC-17.
The Only Gift I Need


A short coda to Warhead: The dinner Tom wrangled to procure for B'Elanna, with a little twist.
Rated PG.
Harry's World!


In this incisive teleplay, Harry explains the delicate subject of his troubles with the ladies...while channeling...(heaven help us)...Elmo. You have been warned. ;-)
Heliopolis (Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Archive) Wondering what AC is up to these days?  Pop in and see for yourself!  :-)

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