Dreams by AC February, 1999

Paramount owns these characters, I'm just borrowing them.

This is a prequel to "The Paris' Postpartum."  B'Elanna's pregnant, and having some weird dreams. This is my first attempt at NC-17.

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Dedicated to my daughter Naomi (who is named after a great-grandmother, not Naomi Wildman. We chose her name at least a month before *Mortal Coil* aired).  Mama loves you, thanks for taking naps so I could do some writing.


Gasping for air, B'Elanna opened her eyes only to see the darkened shapes of her bedroom, and the sleeping form of her husband beside her.

"Calm down," she commanded herself. "It was just a dream. Only a dream. Everything's fine. Go back to sleep." She closed her eyes again and waited for slumber to overtake her.

Five minutes later, she was conceding defeat, swinging her legs to the floor. She crept quietly to the replicator in the main room. "Torres fluid supplement three." The computer quickly replicated a glass of ice water liberally laced with lemon juice. She grabbed it, gulped deeply, then forced herself to slow down as her stomach churned. Looking at the chronometer, she groaned at the time, only 0347 hours, knowing that the chances of her going back to sleep anytime soon were slim.

Grabbing a blanket, she curled up on the couch, running her hand over her stomach protectively. "Well, kiddo, guess it's just the two of us again."



Tom was awakened by his wife's scream, and turned to see that she was waking up from another nightmare. He waited until she recognized him before putting his arms around her, not wanting her to strike out at him before she was fully awake. "Shhh. It's ok, B'Elanna. It was just a dream."

"Tom!" She shivered in his arms, wrapping her arms so tightly around him that his ribs creaked in protest. "Tom, you have to scan me!"

"What? Do you feel sick?" Panic gripped him. "The baby's ok, isn't it?" He began rummaging through the contents of his nightstand, looking for his medical tricorder. After having knocked most of his belongings to the floor, he found it, and began scanning B'Elanna, who was rocking back and forth, brow wrinkled with distress.

He gave a sigh of relief. "Love, the baby's fine. And aside from heightened adrenaline and blood pressure levels, so are you. Why did you want me to scan you?"

She wouldn't meet his gaze. "You'll laugh at me," she muttered resentfully, punching her pillow into submission.

"B'Elanna, I promise I won't laugh." He brushed his hands over her gently swelling stomach tenderly.

"I dreamed the baby was missing. I wanted to make sure it was still there." She glared at him, daring him to find anything amusing.

Tom made his face as blank as possible, and reassured her. "You still feel pregnant, don't you? Why would you think the baby was gone?" He drew her into his arms again. "It was only a dream, B'Elanna."

"I know," her muffled voice told him, tickling his chest where she rested her head. "But I was looking everywhere, and I heard crying, and I couldn't find the baby. I was looking on the outside of the ship, and it was so cold, and I looked *everywhere,* but I was all alone, and Tom, I was so frightened...."

Tom held B'Elanna in his arms as she shivered and told him about her nightmare, and mentally reminded himself, *Six more months of this. I promised her I wouldn't laugh.*


"Tom!" Something was pushing on his shoulder. Tom groaned and hoped that if he kept his eyes closed, it would go away. Surely there was nothing outside of his tightly closed eyes that wanted to disturb a tired, hardworking man, who still must have at least three hours of sleep remaining before he had to get up and go to work?

"Tom!" The hand on his shoulder was getting more insistent, then dropped down and firmly goosed him on his rear. "Wake up!" Apparently, there *was* something out there that wanted to disturb him. Or, more accurately, someone, his wife, who no doubt had another nightmare that she needed to tell him about.

"What is it, B'Elanna?" he asked, somewhat testily. "It's the middle of the night." He opened his eyes to see her propped up on one arm, staring at him intently, wide awake.

"Sorry," she said, not sounding the least bit contrite. "I had a dream."

"Again?" he sighed. "What was it this time? Do I need to scan you to reassure you that the baby's still there? Or was it the bridge crew suddenly all speaking Latin and you couldn't understand them? Or walking into the briefing room to give a report and finding Chakotay doing nude belly dancing on the conference table?"

"No. None of the old ones." Her eyes were glimmering pools of darkness, she was smiling faintly, and she didn't look frightened. "This dream was different."

He flopped back down onto his pillow. "B'Elanna! If it wasn't a nightmare, why did you wake me up? I can't remember that last time I slept through the night without you waking me up to tell me about some horrible dream where the world was turned upside down and you were scared and confused."

She looked down, somewhat hurt. "Tom, you told me that I could wake you anytime if I needed to." She lay down on her side, turning her back on him. "Sorry I disturbed you. Go back to sleep," she ordered him in a tightly controlled voice.

"Oh gods, what a bastard I am," Tom berated himself. "I'm sorry, B'Elanna, that didn't come out quite right."

"No, it didn't."

The tight line of her back muscles screamed her irritation at him. "B'Elanna...." He rubbed his hands up and down her spine, rubbing her lower back. "Please. Tell me about your dream."

"No. Go back to sleep. I wouldn't want to *bother* you."

He groaned, then got out of bed and strode over to her side, dropping down on his knees. "I'll plead and beg if you like, darling." She glared at him, then her face softened as he dramatically prostrated himself on the floor.

"Love of my life, mother of my child, reason for my continued existence, if it would please you and not unduly inconvenience you, I beg to be allowed to hear of the new dream that awakened you from your angelic slumber," he intoned solemnly. "If it pleases you to have your back rubbed or feet and ankles massaged, or if you require food or drink from the replicator, I, your most humble and ardent worshipper would consider it an honor to serve you in any way you might wish. Speak, O Goddess of my life, and let me know your desires." He bowed his head to the floor."

B'Elanna giggled uncontrollably, and held out her hands to him. "Get back into bed, Tom," she laughed. "You're forgiven."

"Forgiveness! All is well in my life again!" He quickly climbed back into bed, and cuddled her to him. "So. What was the dream this time, if it wasn't a nightmare."

"I was dreaming about us, Tom." Her voice was low and sultry.

"Really? What were we doing? Giving the baby a bath? Changing diapers?"

"No, Tom. It was just the two of us." She idly ran her hands through his chest hair.

"Hmm. And where were we?"

"Here, in our quarters." She began scattering soft kisses onto his neck and collarbone.

"Were we doing anything in particular?" He smiled in the darkness, anticipating her answer.

"Oh, yes. We were lying in bed, like we are now." She stroked up and down one of his legs slowly.

"Where we wearing anything?" The smile on his face was growing larger.

"Nope. But I wouldn't want to bore you. Maybe we should just go back to sleep." Her eyes were alight with mischief.

"No! That won't be necessary, love! I want to hear all about your dream," he assured her, sounding somewhat frantic.

"You sure it's not an imposition? Think you're up for it?"

"See for yourself," he leered melodramatically.

"I don't need to. I can feel it. So I should continue?"

"Please," he replied, sliding the straps of her nightgown off her shoulders.

"You were lying on your back, and I was kissing a path up and down your body." She pushed his briefs off, and straddled him. "I began at your neck," she dropped a quick, wet kiss just underneath his ear, "and continued lower, and lower...." her voice trailed off as she began to thoroughly cover every inch of flesh within reach with kisses and caresses.

As her mouth reached the area below his waist, Tom groaned. "Was I doing anything in this dream of yours?"

"Not yet. Wait a few minutes."

"Yes, Ma'am!" he responded, then gasped as he felt her mouth cover his erection. "I live...ah! to obey your every command." She released him, and looked him in the eye.

"Smartass." Then she grinned, and drew him into her mouth again, running her tongue up and down his length, but not taking him too far in, for fear of activating her gag reflex. She'd vomited on his stomach once since she'd become pregnant, and it wasn't anything she wanted to happen again. Despite her restraint, Tom was groaning enthusiastically.

"B'Elanna! Oh, gods...wait!" She pulled away from him, as he propped himself up on his elbows, breathing heavily. "Don't you want to tell me what I was doing in your dream?"

She smiled at him. "Use your imagination, Helmboy."

"I think I can do that." He gently lowered her onto her back, tracing her stomach with his hands. The swell of pregnancy was a bit more pronounced, he decided, but she still wasn't showing much. He reached for her breasts, brushing his hands over them carefully. "Do they still hurt?"

She shook her head. "Not as much. I won't rip your head off if you touch them."

"Glad to know that's changed." Having been given permission, Tom began kissing her neck and breasts, spiraling in towards her newly darkened nipples. Holding the full weight of one breast between his palms, he slowly sucked at a nipple, as she sighed and twisted beneath him. Taking his time, he went from one breast to the next, gradually increasing the amount of stimulation.

B'Elanna enjoyed his actions, but was getting impatient for more. "There are other parts of me that require attention, Tom."

"But your breasts have been so sore that you wouldn't let me touch them, B'Elanna. We're just getting reacquainted." Tom looked at her innocently, then lowered his head to her breasts again.

B'Elanna did a slow count to one hundred, then flipped her husband onto his back. "Do I have to make that an order?" she asked, rubbing her hips against him.

"Like I said, I live to obey you," he replied, supporting her back with one hand, while the other brushed against the soft hair between her legs. She pressed herself against him, harder, and he grinned, caressing her. "You're ready. That didn't take long."

"I've *been* ready ever since I woke you up, Flyboy." She gasped as he slipped a finger inside her, then moaned. "You're the one who just wanted to stay asleep."

"For which I have apologized profusely." He reached up and sucked her nipples roughly, smiling at the gasp he dragged out of her. She bent her head down, kissing him ardently, sucking on his tongue and lower lip. He wrapped his arms around her back, then rolled them both over. "Do you need a pillow under your back?" he asked solicitously.

"I need you, inside me, *now,*" she commanded, tense with desire and longing. He quickly positioned himself, then, agonizingly slowly, pushed himself into her. She shuddered, moving her hands to his hips in an attempt to quicken him. He supported himself on his elbows, not wanting to put too much weight on her, and ran his hand across her cheek, then kissed her again.

"I love you so much," he said, voice tight with the effort of holding himself back. "You couldn't begin to imagine how much I love you..." He kissed her neck, and began slowly rocking his hips back and forth. "My beautiful B'Elanna..."

"Tom," she sighed, wrapping her legs around him. "Love you....oh...even though you talk too much...." He covered her mouth with his, cutting her off. She moaned as he thrust deeper within her, and strained to meet his every movement.

Tom closed his eyes with bliss as he stroked into her hot, swollen center. She was even tighter than usual, the small part of his brain capable of conscious thought told him, and her soft cries combined with her hands caressing his back and her teeth nibbling ever so gently at his shoulder to make even that thought dissolve into the insistent desire to continue, to spend the rest of his life in this moment.

The loud cry in his ear as she climaxed and clenched around him brought him back from his reverie, then quickly drove him forward to his own release. He trembled in her arms, throwing back his head, and thrusting his hips forward to meet hers one last time, before he came and his yell of triumph echoed through the room.

After a few moments lying prone atop his wife, catching his breath, and reveling in the warm scent of their lovemaking, Tom rolled off B'Elanna onto his back and pulled her into his arms again. "Nice dream," he murmured.

"It certainly was," she agreed, purring with satisfaction, snuggling against him contentedly. After a few drowsy minutes, as both hovered on the edge of sleep, a loud grumble jolted them awake.

"What was that?" Tom asked curiously.

"My stomach. I'm hungry, or the baby is. Is that offer to bring me food and drink still open?"

"Hmmm." He sat up with a groan. "Could be. What would you like?"

"Surprise me," she suggested, smiling.

"Sure thing. Womb service, coming right up." He walked into the main room, leaving her shaking her head at his horrible puns.

Later, as they lay in bed, snacking on turkey sandwiches and orange juice, Tom yawned. "Ohhh...I'm going to be so tired in the morning. Here's hoping I don't fall asleep while doing inventory for the Doc."

"Mmm." B'Elanna nodded, and set down her empty glass. "Still sorry I woke you up?"

"No!" Tom told her vehemently. He took the tray and placed it on his nightstand, brushing a few stray objects aside which fell to the floor with a clatter. "Computer, lights off." As they burrowed under the covers, spooned up against each other, Tom sleepily whispered, "B'Elanna?"

"Wha?" she groggily replied.

"If you have anymore sweet dreams, be sure to let me know."  


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